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Created 21-Aug-10
Modified 14-Apr-13
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This series started somewhat by accident; it was a long time before I realized that I had a series of photos taken at night from the grounds of various overnight accommodations. What started as a chance to take photos during the only time available on business trips had spilled over into vacations and time at home.

Places look different at night with the limited light requiring long exposures. Any movement – from trees, plants, clouds, water, cars, stars or lights - creates tension and interest in the scene. Still scenes look especially quiet and raise questions of what is going on behind closed doors or outside the frame.

Night photography can yield surprises, especially in scenes that appear dark to the naked eye. A street sign at the edge of the frame and Adirondack chairs on the beach take images in the series to another level while other images fail to make the cut because of distracting, hard to see elements. Amazing things can happen when you aim the camera at a dark spot, open the shutter for minutes at a time and see what you get.

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